Track Rules

  1. No alcohol, drugs, firearms, or other illegal items are allowed anywhere in the park or facility at any time. Offenders will be banned from the facility and prosecuted.
  2. All spectators must remain outside fence at all times.
  3. Only Remote Control vehicles 1/8th scale or smaller are permitted on the track. No bicycles, mini-bikes, or other un-authorized vehicles are allowed on the track at any time.
  4. No children under 18 shall be left unattended and parents are responsible for keeping their children safe. Children under 18 must remain outside the fence at all times.
  5. Running vehicles outside of the track, in the pits, or parking lot is not permitted.
  6. No Parking or pitting in our around Paint B
  7. The track is open during designated dates and times for practice. No practice during organized racing events when the track is restricted to registered participants.  Schedule at
  8. Racers must use the frequency board to ensure transmitter frequencies are not in use and frequency conflicts do not occur during non-organized events.
  9. The use of R/C transmitters and frequencies are restricted in the facility to authorized participants during organized racing events.
  10. The track is only to be watered, repaired, or changed by Henry County Remote Control Racing members or officials only.
  11. The lights are for use during organized racing events only and Schedule practice Only.
  12. The electrical system is for use during organized racing events only.
  13. The track is only to be used when doing so will not damage the surface. Using the track when too wet will damage the track and vehicle and is not tolerated.
  14. The facility is closed during unsafe weather conditions.
  15. The track may be closed for rebuild, repairs, or other reason without notice.
  16. Patrons agree that Henry county Remote Control Racing members, officials, or representatives reserve the right to direct participants or spectators as necessary. Failure to comply with direction may result in being asked to leave the facility. Enforced by authorities if necessary.
  17. Designated parking areas are provided near pit areas to be used by Henry County remote Control Racing participants. Only.
  18. Do not climb or jump on the fence/barrier. Use the designated entrances to the track area.
  19. The park is patrolled by the Henry County Police Department and Henry County Park and Recreations officials to ensure safety and enforce the rules.
  20. Misuse or damage to the track, facility, and park will be prosecuted by both the Henry county Remote Control Racing  and Henry County Parks and Recreation.
  21. Any Non-H.C.R.C.R. event must have written permission by Henry County Park and Recreation Dept and Henry County Remote Control Racing.

By being in or using the track or other related facilities and areas on the premises, you are agreeing that you: freely accept and voluntarily assume and all risks of property damage, personal injury or death, and release Henry County and Henry County Remote Control Racing and its agents, employees, directors, officers, and shareholders from and all liability for personal injury or property damage which results in way from conditions on or about the premises and facilities, negligence, the operations of the track area including, but not limited to, business, repairs, entertainment, actions or omissions of other patrons on the premises, employees or agents of the premises, or my participation while on the premises, or other activities on the premises, accepting myself the full responsibility for and all such damage or injury of any kind which may result.

You also further agree to assume risk of personal injury or loss of damage to yourself, spouse, family member, child, or of your property.  Henry County Remote Control Racing nor Henry County is not responsible for nor may be held accountable or liable for, in way, loss, damage, liability, expense, cost or other fees as the result of event, accident, injury, or other loss caused in way at Henry County Remote control Racing premises and Wendy Hill Park for which a person or persons may seek damages or any other remedy from Henry County Remote Control Racing or Henry County.

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